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2017 Breakout Sessions


Gretchen RamseyGretchen Ramsey, MPS – Holy Spirit – A Geisinger Affiliate
TITLEBe the Wave – Riding the Wave of Org. Change  (Leadership)
Presentation Summary: From the melting iceberg of John Kotter, to the lyrics of Fiona Apple’s Container, we are ever reminded that our world, like the waves of the ocean, is in a constant state of change. For many individuals, organizational change seems as natural as the rising tide, for others it is unbearable. Gretchen Ramsey has been riding the waves of organizational change for the past five years. Through humor, real stories of failure and success, she brings a realistic approach to not just surviving change, but thriving through it.


Mary PrattMary Pratt – PA Media Group
TITLESocial Media Marketing – See and Be Seen (Marketing)
Presentation Summary: Knowing which social media channels to use and targeting your ideal customers puts your brand in front of potential customers in a casual and interactive way. Since the average mobile user spends nearly 26 hours a month on social media apps, it’s a space your business can’t ignore. Attendees will receive an overview of the ever-changing social media landscape on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram, complete with utilization tactics for each network. Attendees will also walk through the eight steps to creating an effective social strategy and discover the keystones of social media success.


Connie MastovichConnie Mastovich – Reclamere, Inc.
TITLEStop Multitasking and Focus (Personal Development)
Presentation Summary: The workforce is so busy, and technology has made it so easy, that everyone has adopted a multi-tasking mentality. I have heard many people say that if they did only one thing at a time, they would never get done. However, research shows that the opposite is, in fact, true. Devoting our full attention to a single task allows absolute focus, which in turn makes us MORE productive. It is sometimes referred to as “the zone,” but it is rarely achieved anymore in this day and age of smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Learn ways in which to maintain focus on a singular task and how to block out time when no interruptions will be allowed.


Megan SwopeMegan Swope – Mary Kay Cosmetics
TITLEBe a Walk on Water Leader (Leadership)
Presentation Summary: How do you develop leaders within your organization? There are fundamental principles that must be conveyed to inspire loyalty, excellence and drive in others. Would they get out of the boat and walk on water, keep their faith? Do you have what it takes to be a Walk on Water Leader? Identify key qualities of potential “Swimmers” and of “Paddlers” in your organization and learn ways to generate espirit de corp and loyalty within your company.


Kevin KresgeKevin Kresge – GRIT Marketing Group
TITLEDigital Marketing – Getting it Right (Marketing)
Presentation Summary: This workshop is an interactive training that will introduce attendees to the basics of today’s digital marketing and how digital marketing tactics can improve how you do business. Topics covered will include SEO, new developments in digital marketing, the impact of ADA compliance, and the best digital marketing tools that will make your life easier right now.



Dr. Lucia C.R. MurphyDr. Lucia C.R. Murphy – The Leadership Architect Group
TITLE: Top Ten Ways to Move Forward When Chocolate Happens (Personal Development)
Presentation Summary: It’s perfect: Your business or career are taking you exactly where you had always wanted to go. Then “chocolate” happens: A product flaw. A reorganization. A financial shock. A health crisis. After the emotions of trauma fade, how do you take stock, identify a best-next direction and move forward?
Where do you even start? Newly-minted (as of April 2017) cancer survivor Lucia has learned about managing the shock of an unexpected diagnosis and moving one step at a time on a healthy, positive track. You can, too! Using the tools of visual and data mapping, begin tracing your options, identifying needed resources, and taking those first steps forward, out of the fog and back into the spotlight… where you belong!


Claudia WilliamsClaudia Williams – The Human Zone
TITLE: Frientorship: Transform Your Leadership Legacy (Leadership)
Presentation Summary: Frientorship™ is an individual and team development model that will redefine how we think about and craft our legacy.  Through combining key principles of friendship, mentorship and leadership, we can create a self-sustaining method to develop ourselves and our teams so that we are leaving in place an individual or a team who is/are ready to stand up and lead when we are done leading.  Relationships matter, and this methodology puts relationships and people back in the forefront of a winning business strategy – one that delivers financial results along with business continuity.


Ann Marie Knorr-Fischer

Ann Marie Knorr-Fischer – B.R.P. Entertainment – Recital Hall
Terry Miller – PSAV Audio Video Company
Emma Troutman – JDK Catering
Melodie Crawford – Historic Acres Event Facility
TITLE: Event Planning 101: A Panel of Experts (Marketing)
Presentation Summary: Did you suddenly have the annual conference or holiday party put on your to do list?  Great news. Here are resources to help you have the best event ever!  This will be a panel session consisting of a representative from B.R.P Entertainment, JDK Catering, PSAV Audio Video Company and Historic Acres Event Facility.  We will discuss current trends in our area of expertise and how to choose the right location, AV, Food and speakers/ entertainment for your event.


Lynn ShumakerLynn Shumaker – Attention Desires Direction
TITLE: Find Your Mind Rather Than Losing It (Personal Development)
Presentation Summary: In this crazy fast paced world, we often hear ourselves and others saying, “I am losing my freaking mind!” In this presentation we would discover how our brain works, what impact stress plays, and strategies to enable you to not only find your mind but to use it as your empowering tool of efficiency that it is! As we understand the machine that our brain is, we can maximize our brain power creating higher levels of motivation, interest, and attention. Conscientiously choose distinctions that lead to a more fulfilling life in both career and home. Life keeps throwing stuff your way, what are you going to choose to do with what lands in your lap?

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