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2019 Breakout Sessions

Session 1


Tayna McCausland_croppedLeadership in Four Directions

Tanya McCausland, Chief Operations Officer, Diamond6 Leadership & Strategy LLC

All leaders “lead in four directions”. They lead their boss, peers, subordinates, and themselves! In this seminar participants will take a critical look at these dimensions and discover various ways to be successful in all four directions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of all their leadership roles and how to lead more confidently in all four directions and in the end be a valuable asset to their organization.

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Tracy PawelskiCommunicating Trust: A Strategic Approach to Reputation Management

Tracy Pawelski, Senior Communications Counsel, PPO&S Integrated Communications

Trust is an essential part of any organization’s success. But almost daily, reputational issues make headlines, eroding trust with customers, the media, employees and thought leaders. In today’s challenging environment, we help business leaders understand how to thoughtfully manage their reputation through a proactive, anticipatory and strategic approach to Reputation Management. Reputation Management is the process of both enhancing and protecting an organization’s good reputation, understanding how to create goodwill in advance as well as being prepared to respond to the challenges of today’s dynamic marketplace. Learn how to communicate trust in the face of a crisis and actively manage a good reputation so that you never get to that point.

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Personal Development

Claudia WilliamsEmotional Intelligence: Understanding and Managing Your Emotions

Claudia Williams, President & Chief Frientorship® Officer, The Human Zones

The purpose of this program is to educate attendees on how to recognize and manage their emotional responses in all types of situations. We start by briefly explaining how the different parts of our brains work to receive and process information and emotional responses to that information. We then define emotional intelligence and examine self-awareness, self-management, social-awareness and social management. This means that we learn how to develop our self-awareness so that we can better manage our emotional responses. We also learn how to recognize emotion in others and adjust our behavior accordingly. We end with identifying key strategies for each of those situations.

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Session 2


Sara Kennedy_cropped2Influence & Negotiation: Win People to Your Way of Thinking

Sara Kennedy, SVP Associate Experience, Members 1st Federal Credit Union

How do I get what I want out of my career? How do I climb the ladder to success? Relationships are the answer to both of these questions. In this presentation we will discuss the Power of Persuasion, the Universal Principle of Influence, how to increase Relationship Currencies & strategies to Win People to Your Way of Thinking.



Brianna Wilbur PhotographyMarketing & Communicating to Different Generations

Sarah Barr, Owner, Konhaus Print & Marketing

The generations your customers belong to have a significant impact on how they absorb information and also what motivates them to purchase or donate. This presentation helps clients determine the best way to communicate to their intended audience knowing there isn’t a one size fits all approach when it comes to marketing.

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Personal Development

Kim Lee Kenawell-Hoffecker -2
Women, Wealth, and Work: How to Safeguard Your Financial Future Through Every Life Event

Kim Lee Kenawell-Hoffecker, Founding Partner & Senior Wealth Advisor, Avantra Family Wealth

Career shift, starting a business, raising a family, inheriting wealth, surviving divorce: these life events at work and home profoundly affect a woman’s financial health. Women are on the verge of receiving a great wealth transfer as $30 trillion will be passed from the Boomers to the next generations. Making wise investments choices is critical. As more women seek independence and flexible work schedules, a rising number are starting businesses and securing capital is one of their biggest concerns. Few life events have the impact on family wealth that divorce does. It disrupts careers, retirement savings, and parenting roles. To protect and secure your financial future, Kim Kenawell-Hoffecker, founding partner of Avantra Family Wealth, MSFS, AWMA, CDFA, and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, offers women three steps to secure a stronger financial future today.

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Session 3


Mike Greene60 Second Leadership

Mike Greene, Owner, IntegrityWorks Coaching

The first person we must lead is ourselves. And often the first person we haven’t overcome is ourselves! Personal integrity is about deciding what matters, and doing something intentional about it – with tenacity, commitment and consistency. We cannot lead others if we lead ourselves. In this engaging and challenging presentation we will explore simple, yet profound lessons in personal leadership development that can be understood in short bursts of learning and reflection.

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Kathy Anderson-MartinIf You Can Do One Thing, You Can Do Another

Kathy Anderson-Martin, Director of Resource Development, The Salvation Army Harrisburg Capital City Region

We’re 18 years old. We choose a major, graduate, get a job, join a club. The years fly by and we’re in the same field, industry or organization. And we don’t really know how we got there, much less what we want to be when we grow up! So what do we do? (1) Endless conversations with girlfriends and/or spouse until three more years has passed, (2) Blank stares & “sign seeking”, or (3) Assess (honestly) our skills, talents, passions, and connections. While this session won’t tell you what to be when you grow up, it might provide perspective to act because “If I did one thing, I can probable do another thing” both professionally and personally.

Personal Development

Cheryl Raudenbush
Measure Your Stress

Cheryl Raudenbush, EAP Operations Manager, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services

Stress costs organizations $300 Billion in lost productivity and medical costs every year. Undiagnosed stress causes 60% of all illnesses and disease. (Stress in America Report, 2015, APA). As a leader in your organization, you’re responsible for the wellbeing of your staff to ensure they’re performing at their best. This seminar will include access to a comprehensive assessment looking at the 7 most common stressors employees may experience in the work place: Demand, Efforts/Reward Balance, Control, Organizational Change, Manager/Supervisor, Social Support, and Job Security. Participants can complete the assessment following the session. Samples will be provided, and we will discuss them as well as explore ideas and strategies on how you as a leader, can implement solutions to potentially damaging stressors.

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