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Anyone looking to enhance both their professional and personal life. All levels within an organization, from entry level to CEO, are well represented and encouraged to attend.

Based on the past surveys, the main reasons given for attending were networking, business tips, personal enrichment, career advancement, sales leads, and, of course, an enlightening day out of the office.

Business Women’s Forum maintains a database of potential speakers. Any Chamber member can be added to this list. Then, in early fall of each year, we solicit RFPs from this list. People may submit an RFP on any topic they think would be relevant to BWF attendees. After all of the RFPs are collected, our volunteers of the program committee review and select the best, most appropriate topics to be presented as a workshop at the event. It’s a completely unbiased process.

No, parking is free.

Yes, as long as you have a license to sell your products in the state of Pennsylvania.

Past Event Photos

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